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What Happens Afterwards?

How do families continue to draw inspiration from and remember their loved ones once they’ve passed away? 

At Dodds Memorials, we work with many families through some of their most difficult times, grieving the loss of a loved one. Yet, families who create ongoing opportunities to honor those loved ones experience inspiration and strength from these life events.

Benefits of Connecting to Our Departed Loved Ones

  • Draw strength and inspiration from a loved one’s character and life.
  • Bond with other family members around storytelling.
  • Celebrate your loved one’s favorite pastimes and activities.
  • Create family traditions that deepen your relationships.
  • Experience the wisdom and love you received from them in times of need.

For every family, there is a different and authentic way to honor their dead. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Naming an annual event after your loved one, centered around one of their favorite pastimes such as a day of fishing, a poker game, or golf.
  • Visiting your loved one’s grave on the anniversary of their passing as a family or with a group of their dear friends. Include storytelling or a special prayer.
  • Plan an annual dinner with friends and family, honoring your loved one.

Again, the possibilities are numerous and we encourage you to talk with other family members or close friends to decide what works best for you.

For more ideas, please visit the Dodds Pinterest page to see what other families are doing to honor their loved ones. We would love to hear from you if you already have a tradition or other approach to honoring your departed loved – email or call us today with your story; we’d be honored to include your observance on our Pinterest page. In some cases, we ask families to tell their story for publication on our blog or in our annual magazine. Contact Desiree Roose at 937-372-4408937-372-4408 or desiree@doddsmemorials.com.

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