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Monument satisfaction

I am amazed at the care and professional work involved in the work done on my son’s headstone. I wanted the best and got the best. Considering the time involved in picking it up, a two sided headstone, getting it done and replaced was incredible. Thank You so much

Mission accomplished and so very happy!

My great, great, grandfather, Edward Jones, who died in in1932 and is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Port William, Ohio. The family stone lacked pertinent information concerning his birth and death. I got the notice from your Xenia location that the job was completed and I personally checked it out this evening. I am very pleased with the job you did and how it looks. Thank you for completing something that should have been done a long time ago. Arlene Wood

Excellent Service from Courtney!

We met last week with Courtney at the Lebanon/Monroe location. We can highly recommend Dodd’s and particularly Courtney Parks for his excellent service. We were pre-purchasing our headstone so our children won’t have to do it at our passing later. Courtney was polite and respectful. He was also a great listener and was well informed about options for what we could do. He was able to answer all of our questions and was quite professional. We can highly recommend Dodd’s and Courtney at your Monroe location. Thanks for the excellent service!

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