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Memorializing our loved ones after death is among the most important life events we experience. In our culture, we do a great job of planning for and celebrating weddings and the birth of a child. Yet, for most people, being thoughtful about and planning how we memorialize our loved ones receives little attention. As a result, many families are burdened with making important decisions about their loved one while they are dealing with their loss.

Dodds’ consultants are focused on helping you and your family navigate these decisions with compassion and experience. From designing to building your memorial, we work with you to ensure that you’re able to create a lasting vision of love for your family member. If you have an immediate need, please call a Dodds professional near you today – we understand these difficult times and will help you create the right memorial for your loved one.

We also work with families on pre-planning their memorialization. Pre-planning allows you to prepare for and navigate the loss of a loved one in as thoughtful and meaningful a way as possible. Please click the Memorial Pre-Planning or Generational Planning links to learn more. Of course, you can always call a Dodds consultant near you to learn more about your options and the benefits to pre-planning.

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