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Neil FogartyNeil Fogarty, President

937-372-4408 937-372-4408

Years at Dodds: 22 as a full-time employee, however, I’ve been working at Dodds in many capacities since the age of 13.

Industry recognition:

  • 2014 Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) Aspire Award
  • Xenia Chamber of Commerce Industrial Award (x2)
  • Completion of the Rock of Ages Preferred Memorial Counselor certificate

Last book read: The Civil War, A Narrative: Volume 1, by Shelby Foote

Most memorable customer story: I sold one of my first custom-shaped memorials to a couple that had lost their son. He was my age at the time, and I think working with me helped comfort them. She told me I reminded her of her son. That memorial meant a lot. I tied the taller single tablet to a lower double tablet. The double tablet connected to the single through a ribbon of polish left on all edges. The Rest of the double tablet was steeled to differentiate the son from the parents. Simple yet powerful.

Michael MorrisonMichael Morrison, Director of Sales


Years at Dodds: 14

Last book I read: The Leader’s Handbook, by Peter Scholtes

Favorite quote: The Golden Rule – Do to others what you want them to do to you! (Matthew 7:12)

My family: My wife, Aimee, and I both grew up in Ohio. We have been married for 18 years and have eight beautiful children – five girls and three boys. They are Grace, Gabriel, Rachael, Eleasha, Hadassah, Elesheava, David, and Joshua.

Desiree RooseDesiree Roose, Marketing Manager


Years at Dodds: 7

Favorite hobbies: My husband and I bought an 1870’s Federal Style house three years ago and have been fixing it up ever since. That takes up most of our time!

Most memorable customer story: When I worked at the Milford office, I worked with a couple Mr. and Mrs. Valz, on a pre-need memorial for themselves. We got to know each other well and I even invited them to my wedding! They were such a sweet couple and would bring me chocolates every time they came in to look at artwork.

My family: I grew up in the Cincinnati area and graduated from Lebanon High School in 2007. I have been married to my husband for nine years now and we have one girl, Cecilia, and we are expecting our second in August of 2021. We also have two cats and a Newfoundland dog named Lexie.

Matthew Faul,
Director of Operations


Hobbies: My favorite hobbies are riding my motorcycle, playing the guitar, and anything where I can hangout in nature like hunting, hiking, camping, and so on.

Favorite Quote: “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die” – Unknown
I like this quote because it accurately portrays the struggles of life we all face and that success and happiness only comes through self-sacrifice and daily discipline.

Years at Dodds: I have been at Dodds for five years. The first three and a half years I was on our Production Team. After that I spent six months as the assistant to the Director of Operations at the time. I was the Production Manager all of 2020 before moving into the role I have now early 2021.

Jamie Stanek,
Memorial Consultant,
Xenia Branch

937-372-4408937-372-4408, ext 2018

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, traveling, cooking, gardening, lake and outdoor activities

Favorite Quote: The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Who are your role models and why: Eleanor Roosevelt, she was a leader when women didn’t lead. She was involved in so many humanitarian causes throughout her life. My favorite quote from her is “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

My Family: I have lived in Xenia my whole life. I have four children ages 16-3. Hunter, Halee, Eli and Harper. I have a rescue puppy named Luna. I have attended Northside Christian Church in Xenia for the majority of my life.

Lisa GeorgeLisa George, Memorial Consultant, Middletown Branch


Industry recognition: I earned a Preferred Memorial Counselor through Rock of Ages, a premier, global granite manufacturer.

The last book I read: I read a lot…. “So many books, so little time.” – Frank Zappa. ? The last book I read was, “A Fragile Hope,” by Cynthia Ruchti.

Most memorable customer story: I have two. A daughter came in looking for a memorial for her parents. We have a sculpted angel in our office display and she asked if we could do a sculpted farmer like the angel. I asked her if her father was a farmer and she said that he was and that her mother was an angel for putting up with him! She was able to connect to some playfulness even while she was grieving. We created a custom monument in black granite with an angel on one side, two hearts in the center, and a farmer on the other side. She said it looked just like him.

A wife came in with a piece of paper cut to the size on the memorial she wanted for her husband. It had a beautiful Celtic cross drawn on it. As we talked, I learned what the cross meant to her and her husband and about their many travels. To this day, she sends postcards from around the world. I made a special friend that day.

Favorite quote: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

My role model: My mom. While our relationship has experienced ups and downs, I am always inspired by her continued striving for bigger and better things. She has accomplished a lot and has had a positive influence on many people. Her faith in God and in me is unwavering.

My bonus, celebrity role model is Oprah Winfrey. She is an inspiration for having overcome a lot of adversity growing up.

Courtney Parks, Memorial Consultant, Milford Branch


Years with Dodds: 7

Favorite Hobbies: playing guitar, being a worship leader at my church, kayak fishing, gardening, woodworking, and collecting Cincinnati Reds memorabilia

Most memorable customer story: We created a memorial for my customer’s parents and grandparents. Her grandfather had created and built a mini carousel ride, which was a favorite at the Great Darke County Fair in Ohio. The fair was always a wonderful memory for the family. A custom sculpted carousel horse was placed at the top of the memorial along with laser etched portraits. Above each of the four names of her parents and grandparents were small etched emblems, which represented something personal about that person’s life: in addition to the carousel ride, there was a masonic emblem, an arrowhead, and a needle and thread. On the back of the memorial was a collage of around 70 pictures. These pictures were of old and recent memories of the family. Family vacations, fishing adventures, military photos, dance recitals, girl scouts, and of course photos of the family at the Darke County Fair.

I was moved by how personal it was. It sticks with me because I know the family will be able to visit and really connect to their loved ones through that memorial.

Favorite quote: “I love you Daddy.” – My children are my motivation and inspiration. They certainly keep me laughing and on my toes. My ceiling is their floor.

My family: My wife Emily and I were married in 2011. We currently have 3 children. I spent my childhood in the Trenton, Ohio area, where I attended and graduated from Edgewood High School. I then received a Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Science and Technology from Morehead State University in Kentucky. My family and I attend the Anthem House Church in Liberty Township, where I serve as worship leader.

Josh WaltersJosh Walters, Memorial Consultant, Dayton Branch


Years at Dodds: 19

Favorite hobbies: I love to spend time with our grandchildren, family and friends. I enjoy woodworking, home construction and remodeling, and cooking.

Most memorable customer story: I worked with the wife of the first crew chief for Airforce One. He passed away from cancer. He served three presidents during his Air Force career. After retirement, he spent his time volunteering at the Champaign Aviation Museum at Grimes Air Field in Urbana, Ohio. A tireless worker, he volunteered many hours helping with the restoration of a B17 Bomber at the museum. His wife wanted to share his unique story through a memorial. She wanted to honor his distinguished career but also his life as a devoted husband, father, and family man. The memorial we helped her create is tall and supports the Great Presidential Seal mounted at its peak. It includes blue, gray, and black granites to represent the colors of his Air Force uniform. Inlayed panels display laser etched photographs of Airforce One, other aircraft he serviced, and family photos to represent all that was important him. The memorial was placed at Fairview Cemetery overlooking a valley in West Liberty, Ohio. I often receive comments about how beautiful the memorial is. People also note how special he must have been – which is what his wife was hoping to show through our work together.

Favorite quote: I have always been inspired by the words of John Kennedy at his inauguration – “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I believe each of us can contribute something to our country. It may only be that we are honest, productive, and loving toward everyone we encounter. We have different personalities, upbringings, and talents yet we can treat each other with kindness, love and respect. I focus on taking responsibility for myself and work to make sure I earn my place in the world. There is no greater confidence builder than to know you are earning your keep.

My family: I have been married to Lola for 30 years. We have two sons, a daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and two dogs. I graduated from Carroll High School in Dayton and was senior class president. I received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Wright State University. My wife and I owned and operated a catering business in Dayton Ohio for 10 years until we sold it in 1998. The business still operates in Dayton. After selling the business, Lola and I both came to work for our friends, the owners of Dodds Memorials in 1999.

Sherry Filson,
Memorial Consultant,
Springfield Branch


How Many years have you been at Dodds: 3 years

Favorite Hobbies: Camping, Fishing, Basket making, Jewelry making & cooking.

Favorite quote: Grief never ends… but it changes.  It’s a passage not a place to stay.  Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…. It is the price of Love….

My Family:  I am married to my childhood friend.  We will celebrate 8yrs of wedded bliss Sept. 2019.  We each have 1 child, both are adults now. We grew up in Greene Co. where we still reside. We have 1 dog – named Zoey (she even comes to work with me sometimes) she loves to greet families. We also have 1 cat named Zeke.  I would love to have my own zoo (minus the snakes and spiders).  I attribute my love for animals to my dad. We had all kinds of animals as pets growing up, some of which were Raccoons, a Red Fox and Ground hogs along with the usual cats & dogs. I want a Sugar glider but will wait until I retire for that, so that I have plenty of time to give it.

Shelley Morton, Memorial Consultant, Monroe Branch

513-932-58765 513-932-5876

Years at Dodds: 7

Hobbies: Traveling, camping, kayaking, boating, event planning, sporting events and weekend trips with my mom and sisters

Why she chose this industry: I have been in Customer Service for more than 30 years.  I have a passion for taking care of people who place their trust in me.  It’s an honor to be in this business.

Favorite Quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou

My role models: My husband, Ron, of 23 years, he inspires me to be a better person and is always there for me and our family.  He manages this all, while living life with a kind heart, love and grace.

Scott WrightScott Wright, Community Outreach Director, Calvary Cemetery


Industry recognition:

  • Scholarship to attend the Catholic Cemetery Conference’s “School of Leadership and Management Excellence” at the University of Notre Dame

Favorite hobbies: I love community theater. I am on the board of directors at The Dayton Theatre Guild and active in lighting design. In 2017, I received a DayTony for the design of “Outgoing Tide.”

Favorite Quote: Have the courage to be truly happy! – Pope Francis.

My Family: I married Kelly in September 2017. We are expecting our first child in the summer of 2018. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and attended Carroll High School. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the Pontifical College Josephinum and a Master’s of Divinity degree from The Athenaeum of Ohio. Two little known fun facts – I was a chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengals for several seasons and I flew in zero gravity with NASA while in college.

Doug TinsmanDoug Tinsman, Memorial Consultant, Calvary Cemetery


Years of Experience: 10

Background: Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Calvary. He regularly meets with families to assist with cemetery and memorial related questions. Doug is a member of the Catholic Cemetery Conference is also a memorial consultant for Dodds Memorials.

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