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Things You Should Know


Many times the family is responsible for providing artwork and design details. We ask that you provide this information as quickly as possible following the purchase. We cannot begin your approval process until we have all components of design and art. Be aware that delays in receiving this vital information can extend the contract period and delay the setting of the monument or marker. During holiday rushes, such as Memorial Day and Christmas, we will have cutoff dates for artwork and design.


Every Dodds Memorials’ customer can expect an approval of some type. Most approvals are computer generated and sent via mail, while others occur at the office you visited or in our Xenia manufacturing facility. This process ensures that everything is accurate and to our customer’s specifications. You can expect a 4 to 6 week time frame from the date that we receive final artwork for your approval to be completed.
Once again, we ask that you act upon your approval as quickly as possible. Complete rework of artwork, or even basic changes, take time. We do not process orders without approval. Therefore, receipt of the approval impacts the completion of the order. Expect cutoff dates for approvals during our Memorial Day and Christmas rush seasons.

Added Design and Art

Families are encouraged to be active participants in the creation of their monument or marker. At times, major changes or artwork additions may be requested. Although most minor changes are free of charge, changes or additions to custom artwork may require an additional charge. At the time of the request, your sales representative or artist will give you up front pricing for the modifications.


Concrete foundations and other cemetery installations are typically ordered through Dodds Memorials. Our company sends foundation requirements and payment to the cemetery. We estimate the charges based on the latest information we have from the cemetery and are not responsible if their invoice is more than we estimated. Those charges will be added to your bill. If we overestimated, we will refund any overages to you. Dodds Memorials has no control over the time frame or the quality of the cemetery work. When and how the work is performed, is at the sole discretion of the cemetery.

Invoicing and Setting

Dodds Memorials’ policy is that no memorial will be delivered to the cemetery unless paid in full. After we complete the engraving on your memorial, we will issue an invoice if your account is not fully paid. This invoice may include adjustments made on foundation costs (see above FOUNDATIONS) or corrected sales tax. Once we receive your payment in full, we will schedule delivery to the cemetery.

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