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Dodds Memorials: A History You Probably Didn’t Know! By Desiree Roose

Most of the people in Xenia and the Miami Valley know about Dodds Memorials, because we have been in the area for over 155 years. Many, however, do not know the part that Dodds has playe [....]

Neil Fogarty

Ashes are for Ash Trays Part One: Taking an Honest Look into the Perceptions and Realities of Cremation By Neil Fogarty

This is the first blog in a three-part discussion concerning how we understand, discuss, and properly view the cremation process. Cremation is now the norm in our society. As of 2018, mo [....]

Dodds Memorials

Taking a Dirt Nap By Neil Fogarty

Taking a Dirt Nap – Why we need to plan for a final resting place Well, you’re gone, dead, kicked off, taking a dirt nap and, according to people I meet, you could care less about wh [....]

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