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Veterans Who Made and Impact- Colonel Edward Deeds by Desiree Roose

Colonel Edward Deeds was born in Granville Ohio in 1847 and is known as an inventor, engineer, and industrialist. After graduating from Denison University, he relocated to Dayton, Ohio. [....]

Veterans Who Made an Impact- Charity Adams Early by Desiree Roose

LTC Charity Adams Early was born in North Carolina in 1918. Her father was an ordained minister who was fluent in Greek and Hebrew and her mother was an educator who believed education w [....]

Veterans Who Made an Impact- Gershom Peters by Desiree Roose

Gershom Peters was born near Circleville in 1843. He joined the Army during the Civil War and was discharged when he contracted tuberculosis. He attended Denison University and then Roch [....]

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