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Genealogy and the Importance of Memorialization- By Desiree Roose

Ever since my grandmother passed away in 2009, I have really delved into our family genealogy. My poor husband has been “roped into” going to cemeteries all over the northeast in sea [....]

Grim Outlook for Gravestone Manufacturers Amid Supply Chain Squeeze- Pittsburg Post Gazett

The following article was posted by the Pittsburg Post Gazett and we are sharing because we feel this information is important to those we serve. If you’ve lost a loved one recently, i [....]

Dodds Memorials: A History You Probably Didn’t Know: Joseph Carew By Desiree Roose

Joseph Thomas Carew, a Canadian American department store owner, was born in Peterboro, Ontario on January 2, 1848 to a well-to-do Irish family working for the British government in Cana [....]

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