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Neil Fogarty

Dying Well: Considerations of Comfort Care and Hospice By Neil Fogarty

In the 1978 movie The End, the character Sonny Lawson (Burt Reynolds) discovers he has an incurable blood disease.  Rather than undergo the agony of an extended, painful end of life [....]

Neil Fogarty

Not Cousin Eddie! – Make sure you know who will make healthcare decisions for you By Neil Fogarty

Everyone remembers the bumbling Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon Vacation movies. Played by Randy Quaid, this half-witted character gets laughs for his sheer stupidity. “Real tom [....]

Neil Fogarty

The First Drop in the Family Bucket List: What you need to know to protect those you love By Neil Fogarty

“I don’t need a will!” “I’m young and healthy.” “I can worry about that later.” Amazingly, responses like these are all too common in our society. According to a RocketLa [....]

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