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Creating a Memorial

From traditional uprights to cremation memorials, choices for remembrance have only increased over the years. Through your Dodds Memorial Consultant, you will learn about the options available to you and begin the process of designing what works best for you and your family. At this stage, our focus will be on helping you translate your wishes and ideas into a lasting vision of love.

Dodds Memorials provides much more than just tombstones. The memorialization process is about taking memories, channeled through grief, to create lasting visions of love for your caring family. We can assist you in two ways – whether you have an immediate need or if you are looking for pre-planning support.

For those who have experienced a loss, we understand your immediate needs and will meet with you to design and build the best memorial for your loved one. Contact us today to begin the memorial consultation process.

We also appreciate the opportunity to meet you and your loved ones before tragedy and loss hits you. When we do, we’re able to learn more about your family and help you develop and plan for memorialization away from the trauma and hardship that comes with loss. Please click on our Memorial Pre-Planning to learn more about our process and how you and your family can benefit from taking these pro-active steps.

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