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About Dodds

While Dodds Memorials has more than a 150-year history, we’re more focused on how dedicated and experienced our current staff of more than 30 professionals serves families throughout Southwest Ohio. We are headquartered in Xenia, Ohio where we also have our design and manufacturing facility. We also have branch offices with experienced and compassionate memorial consultants in five other locations throughout Southwest Ohio – Dayton, Monroe, Middletown, Milford, and Springfield.

So, yes, we’re proud of our history – serving Southwest Ohio for more than 150 years. It takes dedication and focus for any company to last this long. Yet, when writing the “About Dodds” section of our website, we asked ourselves the obvious question, “What are we about?”

The truth is, we’re not about how long we’ve been in business. When we meet and work with families, we don’t think about how long we’ve been doing this – and our customers aren’t thinking about that either.

What we’re about is FAMILY – our family helping your family. We’re about COLLABORATION – working with you and our partners to create the right memorial for you or your loved one. And we’re about EXPERTISE – offering our very best efforts to design and craft a lasting vision of love.

We can tell you that our highest aim is to continue to hire, support, and celebrate extraordinary people. They are the consultants and craftsmen who serve families throughout Southwest Ohio with their COMPASSION, RELIABILITY, and SERVICE. No one can teach that sort of character in a person – but we assure you we have learned how to recognize it. Over the years, we’ve grown our company by hiring people with superior character – and we’re humbled every time we hear from a customer how much care and concern they pour into helping families.

Our promise to you is this: Dodds will continue to provide trusted and compassionate advisors and craftsmen to help families create lasting visions of love for their departed loved ones.

In love and service,

Eric Fogarty, Owner   |   Neil Fogarty, President


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